Take a Breath #5: 7-13 Dec.


From EU Science Hub: Scaling up Citizen Science.

We believe that Citizen science projects should have a measurable impact.This report proposes a framework to foster the spread and scalability in Citizen Science


From The International Journal of Population Data Science: Impact through Engagement.

This research conducted by The Administrative Data Research Centre Northern Ireland, Queen’s University Belfast and Ulster University explores how to amplify the positive impact of administrative data research. It advocates focusing on engaging and involving data subjects, incorporating experts by experience, and working with publics as key advocates for data-focused research.


Future Fest by Nesta.

Join us in the FuturePlayer event, the alternative virtual setting for Nesta’s flagship event, FutureFest, which for the past 4 editions has welcomed curious minds and future gazers to im-

agine a better, fairer and more innovative world.


From The New York Times: The Social Life of Forests.

A stunning and beautiful article on how trees appear to communicate and cooperate through subterranean networks of fungi.

Think and shift...

From Frog: Real Transformation and Disruption Takes Convergent Design.

An introduction to convergent design, a discipline that weaves together three historically siloeddomains: product, service and digital.

Think and shift...

From MIT Sloan: Virtual Collaboration Won’t Be the Death of Creativity.

From Atlassian: How to debug distributed teamwork.

From The Little Black Book: Creativity Is Not a Place.

Three articles about creativity, with somewhat conflicting points of view...


From The Stanford Social Innovation Review: Design Thinking, 10 Years Later.

A compendium of seminal article on design thinking in social innovation oulining how design thinking’s principles and practices have changed and evolved over the past decade.


From The Open Data Institute: Datopolis.

ODI releases the virtual version of Datopolis, a board game about building things – services, websites, devices, apps, research – using closed and open data.

Nomad Lab...

From Colossal: Green 3D Printer Prints Living Designs From Organic “Ink”.

Linking digital fabrication and living things: we love it!

Virtual Lab...

From The Living Library: Silicon Valley’s next goal is 3D maps of the world — made by us.

Co-construction of the virtual lab... This is an interesting path... Next step: provide citizens with conceptual tools so they can run their own scenarios... and rethink planning governance...


From The Stanford Social Innovation Review: Business Disruption From the Inside Out.

On the rising wave of employee activism—when employees advocate for social change inside, and sometimes even criticize, their own organization... and the impact it has.


From Trend watching: True Price.

True Price calculates what prices would be if all social and environmental costs were taken into account.

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